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DVT and Pregnancy Lock Rss

Hi Alex,

My name is Sarah and I just had a question regarding DVT prevetion after the birth of my baby.

I had a DVT last year as a result of a leg injury sustained in a motobike accident early last year. Basically I was fairly immobile as a result of the injury and was on the pill and smoking at the time. My Doctor was worried about the DVT history though and referred me to a heamatologist and I went to see them on Wednesday and they told me that I had to have heparin injections daily for 6 weeks after the birth of my baby and I was wondering if this was really necessary as immobility was really the main cause of the previous clot. If so are there any other alternatives that you know of to prevent clotting?


Hi Sarah,
Unfortunately with your history there is an increased risk of developing problems after the birth of your baby. Heparin is really a very safe option as it is only going to be used for a short time. After birth your blood clots more quickly so that the bleeding is minimised but in your case it could cause a clot which can be a very dangerous condition and is best avoided if possible.
Best wishes,

<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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