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Feeding requirements of 10-week old Lock Rss

Hi Alex,

I have a 10-week old son who has been bottle-fed since 4 weeks of age (S26 Gold Alpha Pro). He has taken well to the formula and has a very good appetite!

At the moment he is having 6 bottles per 24 hours, which consists of feeding 3 - 4 hourly during the day (sometimes even between 2 & 3 hours) and 4 - 5 hours at night, and has between 180 & 200ml each feed. He was being fed during the night 3 hourly, but has recently started sleeping 4 - 5 hours so we have been feeding him when he wakes, and not waking him at 3 hours for a feed (we were waking him at 3 hours under instruction from our Community Nurse because he was jaundiced at birth & lost a bit more than 10% of his birth weight after leaving hospital). I am a bit concerned that he is too young to start sleeping through the night without a feed.

My questions are :

* Are we doing the right thing by not waking him at night for a feed and just feeding him when he wakes, or should we still be waking him 3 hours at this age for a feed? At what age can we start letting him sleep through the night without needing a feed?

* Is 180 - 200ml enough for his age?

* For his age, should we still be feeding him at certain hour intervals or letting him feed when he is hungry?

Your help would be appreciated as we are first-time parents and don't know if we are doing the right thing. I have had different friends & family tell me their opinions and it gets very confusing. I cannot find anything on the internet that has 'guidelines' for feeding requirement at baby's different age stages.

I think what we are doing must be OK for him because he is steadily putting on weight (he weighs 6.2 kg), has the required amount of wet nappies each day (if not more), and poos once a day. He is happy & healthy and doesn't cry very much (I know we have been very lucky!). Another question I have is - is 6.2kg a good weight for 10 weeks, or not enough/too much?
Relax! It sounds like your doing well.

I am not yet a mum (only 5 weeks pregnant) but I work with babies every day.

You have got to do what works for you. As long as your baby is putting on weight and is healthy there is no need to wake him overnight. Let him tell you when he is hungry. It will not only help him get into a better sleeping pattern, it will let you get a good nights sleep too.

6.2kg is a very good weight for a 10 week old so no probs there.

So just relax and enjoy being a mum! If he is putting on weight and happy then you should be happy.

Keep up the good work


SA, due dec 06

Thank you for posting your question to our help panel. Unfortunately Alex’s expertise is related to pregnancy and newborn babies and is unable to answer your query. She recommends that you contact your local early child health nurse or doctor for some advice.

Thank you for your understanding.
Kind regards
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