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Bottlefeeding and Crying Lock Rss

I have a 10 week old boy who was 5 weeks early. We have had him home for 7 weeks and he has progressingly gotten worse during his afternoon feed. Between each drink session he screams like he is in pain. Then we try and give the bottle again and he continues to scream to the point we give up and he cries himself to sleep. For instance yesterday he wanted a feed at 5.30pm, started the feed, he had 10 mls and started screaming. We tried three more times to feed him but he continued to scream. We stopped feeding him and he went to sleep in my husbands arms after 2 and a half hours. He then slept until midnight. The problem seems to be getting worse during this time and we are not sure what to do. The chemist recommended Mylanta before each meal, which we have done, but this afternoon/early evening feed, it makes no difference. Do you have any advice for me???


Thank you for posting your question to our help panel. Unfortunately Alex’s expertise is related to pregnancy and newborn babies and is unable to answer your query. She recommends that you contact your local early child health nurse or doctor for some advice.

Thank you for your understanding.

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