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With my 2 sons, I suffered terrible engorgement after my milk 'came in'. My sons were both great feeders, so it wasn't a problem of bottle feeding. An 'experienced' midwife on the ward suggested that staying in hospital too long can contribute to the problem. As I'm 34 weeks pregnant now, I am thinking about early discharge programs etc. Do you think that would lessen the chance of the problem recurring? Or do you have any suggestions?
Thank you for your enquiry. A midwife always recommends that it is ideal to be as close to your baby especially straight after birth. Going home early helps this as the baby is always with you and the baby can easily demand a feed. This theory tries to prevent the engorgement. However, you may still experience some engorgement due to your history. It is best not to wear a bra, try warm showers or hand expressing before a feed and cool (ice or cabbage leaves) after feeding.
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