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hi, i had a c section almost 5 months ago and cant wait to be pregnant again but the doctor at the hospital said to wait 2 years before having another child but i constantly read and hear about women who have had other children without waiting and without complications. what is the best amount of time to wait befor trying again?

antoniette, nsw, 2 boys

I also had an emergency C section nearly 10 months ago. I had a placental abruption, lost 1.5L of blood and was anemic. When the doctors and midwife asked me about contraception afterwards they werent concerned at all when I said we wanted another one pretty soon and were not worrying about it
Hi Antoniette

I had a c section for my son and was told that one year was a good time to wait before falling pregnant again, but also know of some people that have been told six months.

What you should do is consult your GP because your scar might be fine and able to hold a pregnancy earlier.

2 years is a bit of a long wait!!!!!!! I should think that you should be all set to try again at least a year post c section!

Will you be having another c section or trying for a natural vaginal delivery when you have a second child?


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Thank you for your enquiry. It is best that you check back with the hospital to see if there was a reason for the longer time frame. If you are unsatisfied you can always get a second opinion.
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