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Getting very scared Lock Rss

Hi Alex,

This is probably very silly. I am 11 weeks away from having my second child. Almost every night I am having nightmares of the birth. My birth experience with Lachie was difficult as he was stuck, cord wrapped around his neck and posterier. He was born at 37.5 weeks and weighed 8p8o. Worse still, he was taken straight away to special care as he had a temp of 39.5, a very low AGAR score and an infection. (They thought it had travelled to his brain but thankfully this was not the case). I didn't get to hold him and wasn't allowed to touch him or feed him for 24 hours. Compared to what others go through he was only in special care for a short time - 6 days - but it felt like forever. I keep dreaming that this baby will be taken away from me too. How can I calm myself down before this birth so that I have a good delievery experience?

Many thanks,

Hi Elisa,
Thank you for your enquiry. Birth experiences for first time mothers can be very frightening especially if they are long and complicated – as yours sounds. Thankfully, subsequent births are generally much more straightforward and uncomplicated. You need to discuss your concerns with your carer and they should be able to allay your fears by explaining what happened during your first birth and the chances of anything similar happening this time.
Best wishes,

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