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Travelling for Newborns. Lock Rss

My partner has been invited to Wellington (for 4 days) with his work and wants me to travel down with him for company, of course I want to go. The flights and accomodation is free.
I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and we will be travelling down when my baby is approximately 4 weeks old.
*Most* people that I have told have been completely negative but I think it will be nice to have a break away from home. Any tips or advice? Do you think this is a good idea? Would love some feedback from people that aren't relatives or know at all friends.

~*~Olivia Caitlin 12.5.2006~*~

Thank you for your enquiry. Travelling with a newborn is quite an easy age as they sleep anywhere and aren’t really aware of their surrounds at such a young age. If your feeding is established and the baby is well there should be no problem.
Enjoy yourself.

Best wishes,

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