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Can I be Due Earlier than expected? Lock Rss

Hi Alex
Just a quick question i would ask my doctor my i'm not due to see him for another month, how soon can other people feel your baby kick?
When i was 15 weeks my partner first felt our little one, i am now 17 weeks and can see the baby pushing up against my belly so it looks like there's a grapefruit under my's a really strange feeling and you can really see a clear "bump" pretty much right under my belly button sometimes to the right side sometimes to the left depending where the baby is at the this normal so early in pregnancy or could i be further along then anticipated?
Thanks for you help
Hi Nicole,
Thank you for your enquiry. On average women having their first pregnancy feel movements from around 20 weeks and then in subsequent births women feel movements from around 16 weeks. Of course there are always variations on this. Your dates are the most accurate when predicting how far pregnant you are.
Best wishes,

<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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