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Hi. I am 37 weeks into pregnancy no. 4. I am due to be induced next week as my 2nd baby, a beautiful 8lb girl, was stillborn at 40 weeks in 2000. The cause of death was 'intra-uterine foetal death'. I was induced at 38 weeks with my next child, another girl, born in '02. I was 2cm dilated on admission so put straight on to synto, all vaginal deliveries. This has been a trouble free pregnancy, apart from my anxiety. At my check up today, my bishop score was 3. I am booked in for next Wed evening to have another assessment and if my cervix is not open, I need to have the catheter inserted. Dr said if I can avoid it, then all the better. I was wondering if you had any tips on how to ripen my cervix. Any advice would help. Thank you so much.
Update. I went into hospital 19 Apr and thankfully was 2cm dilated on exam at 11pm and did not need to have balloon. From my 37 week check-up, I did extra walking and hubby and I did the deed which seem to have worked. I was given drip at 2pm on 20 Apr and after slow start due to bub being posterier, Lara Eve was born at 9.20pm absolutely perfect. She is doing beautifully, if only my nipples would hurry up and toughen up... All the best to you expecting mums...
Congratulations on the birth of your daughter.

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