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Hi i am 8 weeks. I think i have had some spotting but i am not sure if it is because i have had constipation and i dont know if it is coming from my bottom or if it is coming from my vigina. Yesterday i went to the doctor and she did a papsmear thing and said she couldnt see any blood. But that afternoon there was a little bit like discharge kind of stuff and like a couple of really small spots in my pants. I have o negitive blood and i am not sure what my husband has. Do i need to get that needle? Or should i wait and see if there is any blood today? Does it hurt to wait a couple of weeks before getting one if there is no heavy bleeding?


Thank you for your enquiry. It is common to have some scan t spotting following a pap smear. If you think that it may just from this and there is no more blood then it is fine. If you are having on going spotting then you need to see your doctor for a check up and an injection of Anti D to prevent antibodies forming.
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