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Clicking Noise Lock Rss

Ok. i KNOW this sounds TOTALLY weird. and it freaks me out.

Sometimes when bubby moves i hear a click kinda noise come from inside. Sometimes its really loud and other times i can hardly hear it. It sounds sorta like when you crack your knuckles or something. It happens a few times a day.

My fiance has also heard this come from bubby.

Im really worried that bubby is breaking his bones in there or something?!!

I asked this in the pregnancy forum and one person said she heard the same and her daughter was born with a clicky hip. Is this an indication that my son will be born with this??

Harley's Mum - April 2006

I would hear that noise also when I was pregnant with my 10 month old son. I thought it was like when we crack our wrist or something like that. Lachlan is fine, no problems, no clicky hip.
Thank you for your enquiry. From what you have described it may be the baby having some hiccups which is quite common. Try not to worry too much and mention it to your carers at your next visit.
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I to hear a clicking noise, i was really worried that something was wrong with the baby's bone. I asked my G.P & he said it may be hiccups. i hope his right.
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