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Pregnant with Strep Throat Lock Rss


I'm just over 13wks pregnant and have found out that i have Strep A. I'm taking penicillin. I have heard that Strep B can have effects on unborn babies and wondered what effects Strep A can have? Are there any?

Hi first-time-mum

My 7 yr old son had Strep throat when I was pregnant and because I was concerned about him infecting me I did some research. Both my doctor as well as numerous sources on the internet said that strep throat posed no risk to my baby. So there's no need to worry. If you like, do some research on the internet to reassure yourself.

All the best with your pregnancy!!
Hi Aimee,
Strep B is a bacterium that is normally present in the vagina. It is known to cause problems in a very small minority of babies that can come into contact with it during birth. Strep A is a different strain of the bacterium and causes no problems.
Best wishes,

<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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