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Having contractions Lock Rss

Hi, I am 21 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby, midwife discovered I have been having contractions since 13 weeks, it was ok then but is getting closer and stronger now, have been monitoring it and found that for a couple of hours they are about 15min apart and changes in strength, then I would not feel one for about an hour, but boy do I feel that one, I have also been diagnosed with a retro verted uteris, could this be what is causing it as I never had any problems with my other two who are 10 and 13 now, I am also constantly nausious and are not really gaining weight, we have done a ultrasound scan and baby is all ok, right size & weight, what is the possibility that she is going to come real early?

Yolanda, NZ

Thank you for your enquiry. You really need to be assessed by your carers or visit your local hospital as you may have an underlying problem that is causing the tightenings, such as a urinary tract infection. There is a risk of an early birth if you do have an infection that is not treated.
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