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Hi just a quickie, I was told at my 13 week scan that I had a low lying placenta - but not to worry they would re check at 18wks.
Had 18 week ultrasound (with different radiologist) she said the other guy spoke too soon and that I was fine.
Now at 30 weeks my ob said she thinks I do have previa and may have to have a ceaser and is sending me off for another ultrasound.
This is my 3rd child and is a very different pregnancy than the previous 2 ( both vaginal births)
I have very low blood pressure and have anemia ( on tablets for this am and pm), protein in my urine and bubs is breach at this stage.
Q> I dont understand, is it possible to have previa then it go away then come back?
Q> Are my other symptoms a result of this?
I live 40mins away from hospital and they dont have an emergency ward, not having had a ceaser B4 What happens if I go into labour B4 my next ultrasound?

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Thank you for your enquiry. Placenta praevia is when part of the placenta is covering the os of the uterus (opening). This is much more common early in pregnancy as the uterus is much smaller and the lower segment has not yet formed. After 34 weeks the lower segment is fully formed and this gives the placenta much more room and so it tends to be much further away from the os and is actually positioned much higher in the uterus. If a placenta was low initially and then is well clear it cannot return to the lower segment. However, ultrasounds can be unreliable at times and perhaps your doctor is double checking and also a low lying placenta can cause the baby to adopt a different position (breech) and the ultrasound was performed quite a while ago. Experiencing anaemia and low blood pressure is not a result of the position of your placenta. It would be rare to go into premature labour (unless you have a strong history of this) but if it did occur, you need to notify the hospital and either get an ambulance to hospital or get family to get you there. You don’t go to emergency you go to Maternity. Try not to worry too much just yet. You still have plenty of time for everything to right itself. The placenta may not be low and the baby could turn.
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