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Lot lof blood loss after birth Lock Rss

Hi, I was wondering if you might be able to help me. I had my daughter 9 months ago and was bleeding after birth as everyone does except mine was alot heavier than normal, My uterus wasnt contracting and I had to go on drip to get is back to contracting and get blood loss back to normal. The dr then took out heaps of blood clots and I was told I lost over a litre of blood. I didnt need a blood transfusion luckily just iron tablets. I am wanting to have another baby in the future if the right guy comes along but am to scared to. Also I had a perinnial tear but I couldnt sit down or lay on my back had to lay on one side and not move. I couldnt move for 2 weeks after birth due to hurting when I walked and moved. Could you please help ease my mind.
Thank you for your enquiry. It sounds as if you experienced what is called a post partum hemorrhage. This is when you lose over 600ml of blood following the birth. There is an increased chance that you could experience another bleed at the next birth but this time everyone will be prepared and more than likely it will be prevented. You need to be aware that losing a large amount of blood can also lower your iron levels so you need to have these checked before you get pregnant so that you can fix this if it is a problem. As for the tear, you may tear again but most women experience a much lesser tear.
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