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Itchy Rash Lock Rss

Hi Alex,
My name is Jessie and iam 3 days over due... I have a rash all over my body and it is so itchy that it keeps me up at nights and i just cannot stop scratching... My GP just gave me some cream and i had a blood test yesterday cause the doctor at the hospital thought it could be something to do with my liver cause there was not a destinct marking of a rash on my body but 2 days on i have little lumps and red marks all over my body...
Im booked in to get induced next Thursday 13th if i dont come naturally before hand, but if i dont i dont know if i can handle being itchy for another week its driving me insane...
Yesterday i started getting period like pain but more intence, every half hour then every 15 mins then it went back to evey hour lasted all last night and then this morning every half hour again... Could this be the start of baby coming out??

Jessie, QLD, Baby Nakisha-Lee 9/4/06

Hi Jessie,
Thank you for your enquiry. There is a condition in pregnancy that causes itching in from an increase in bile salts in your blood. This is diagnosed with a blood test. Otherwise you can develop less serious skin conditions that can be very uncomfortable later in pregnancy. These are treated with creams and the condition disappears a few days after the birth. These conditions have a very low chance of recurring again next pregnancy. If you are finding that the cream is not working too well you can revisit your doctor and request something stronger. It is great that you are starting to have some period pain as this is your body getting ready to go in to labour but no one really know when it will establish into labour. It is a good time to try not to get too tired as you still have a lot ahead and to eat small regular meals. Try going for some long walks too as this will help.
Best wishes,

<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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My name is Nathalie and iam 38weeks & 4 days pregnant. I have a rash all over my body, it started about 36weeks into my pregnacy. I cant stop scratching,it's driving me insane & that i want to jump out of my skin, I can't sleep at night & haven't been sleeping for at least 4 days.
I told my GP about it he told me to use PINETARSORL shower pack, that's fine, a relief for like 2 hours. Then last friday night it was really bad that i rang the birthing suite at 2.30am & told them the symtoms, they asked me to come in.
I got there they looked me over & gave me PHENERGAN to take at night only as it causes drowsiness. What a difference i was able to sleep, & the itch was bearable. I still have the rash, & yesterday at my check up was asked to have a blood test, im waiting on my result.
I've read about (puppps), i'm concerned. will this go away?
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