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my baby is 3 weeks old and i am breastfeeding her. i have sore cracked nipples at the moment and would like to know what is the best way to treat it and make them better. it hurts alot when she starts feeding. they are not at the stage of bleeding (which is good) i was told that using breast milk is great to heal it up. can you please tell me the best way to heal them. thanks

Thank you for your enquiry. Yes it is recommended that you use the breast milk to help heal the nipples. Express the milk on to the nipples before and after a feed. Let the milk dry on the nipples after the feed and try to let the nipples ‘air’ as much as possible – so don’t put them in a bra unless you are going out. You could also try a very small amount of paw paw ointment for the dryness after a feed. Don’t use any soap on your nipples and try to ensure that your baby attaches well to the breast and try to soften your nipple area before the feed by expressing off some milk by hand. This will help the baby attach well and will also help empty your breasts.

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<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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