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things to help bring labor on???? Lock Rss

i am currently pregnant with my 4th child. i am due tomorrow 13/11/05 and i am trying to find ways to help bring on the labor. i have heard of a few things like; raspberry leaf tea, lots of sex and long walks. i was also told about castor oil. what does castor oil do? and do you have nay other ideas of how to bring labor on? thanks

Thank you for your enquiry. Castor oil is a very old method of trying to start labour and it is no longer recommended. It was used to cure constipation - so it is a bit messy during labour! Sex (including plenty of nipple stimulation), walking, the odd curry and hot baths are great. Try to have a bit of a routine of having a long walk in the cool of the day and also including time for a rest, say in the middle of the day. Then when labour does start you will be ready.

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