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We have a 14mth old child and have been trying for a 2nd child now for 4 months. I came off the pill in June, it took 6 weeks to get the first period. Only last month I did not get a period for 36 days. The doctor advised that I probably did not ovulate!! Is this common? I came off the pill in October with the first and was pregnant by December. Does it usually take longer to fall pregnant with the second. Is there anything I can do, or do I just have to wait. I do use the Maybe Baby device to see when I am ovulating however hasnt been as clear this time round as with the first.
Please explain. The doctors just tell you to wait as this is normal but very frustrating when you dont know what your body is thinking!!



Thank you for your enquiry. The experts say that it takes an average fertile couple up to six months to conceive but it is also normal to take up to 12 months. In other words, they don’t really know why it takes longer at some times than at other times. A woman’s menstrual cycle changes through out her life. You don’t say if you were on the minipill or combined pill or if you are breast feeding. These can all affect your fertility. Try not to be too concerned as yet. If it gets on for several more months – closer to a year, you and your husband may need to visit your GP for further tests.

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