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I am 3 months pregnant & I may have been in contact with chicken pox. On Monday I will get a blood test to see if I have been immunated against it. If I haven't my doctor said I should get the immunation while I'm pregnant. I'm scared to just follow 1 dr's instructions & was wondering if you know anything about this. Thanks again
Thank you for your enquiry. You don’t say if you have had chicken pox before? If you have, you will hopefully be immune and there will be no problem. You need to have a blood test to check if you are immune. If you are not then you CANNOT be immunised when you are pregnant. Once the baby is born it is probably a good idea to have the immunisation. You can however be treated with an immunoglobulin (which probably what you Doctor is talking about) to try to prevent or reduce the attack of chicken pox, reducing the risk of serious complications.
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