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Best way to introduce alphabets to a 2 years old Lock Rss


My son is 2 1/2 years old. I have introduce him to reading since he's one and now he loves it, especially his Thomas the tank engine, which is always long story. But I can see he starts to pick up the story a bit as when I said the first few words of the story, he can continue on. I'm trying to teach him alphabets. I wonder if it's better to teach him each letter as a single letter or is it easier for them to pick when I said, a for apple, b for butterfly that sort of thing?

Thank's for your advice.

The debate rages over whether the whole word approach to teaching reading to children or phonics is better. In recent years the whole word approach has become very popular however the research tends to suggest that breaking words up has better success.

Leading children's literacy expert, Professor of Education, Kevin Wheldall (of Macquarie University) suggests that, '25 per cent of children will learn to read with little instruction, and for these children the 'whole language' approach will work well. 50 per cent will learn to read if they get some reasonable instruction, while the 25 per cent of low progress readers will fail to learn to read if they do not have systematic instruction using phonics,".

A sure way to teach language is to mix it up ensuring that you expose your child to lots and lots of words and at times taking a different approach by breaking words up into letters and syllables. Of course it always has to be fun and never a lesson. Constant exposure to words and stories with supportive instruction is a comprehensive way to help children to read.


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