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Advice on feeding bottles...which are good?? Lock Rss

Hi all..
I am using the Dr Brown bottles at the moment but I am looking to change to another bottle.

Reason is that each bottle has 7 bits and even though it takes only 2-3 minutes extra cleaning - it is a bloody pain when you do 5 -6 feeds a day. THey were great when she was a new born -but now I think she will be okay to try another brand.

Any suggestions?? I heard that the Tommy Tippee PUR is a good one? Anyone tried it??

FellowTraveller...Mum of Rajaani and Francesca

I have used the tommy tippee Pur for the past two years and they have been very good bottles,i was given tow of the dr bowns and i haven't used them and now reading your post i don't think i will,i will stick my pur bottles.
I use the Tommee Tippee Closer to nature bottles as bub was a bit fussy with the bottles. I had the Avent ones but he wouldnt take those.


Hi I love avent bottles I think they are good, my bub loves them shes had them since the day she was born I know they are a bit more exspensive then others, but are worth it.
I have tried ALL of the different types,from regular standard bottles to NUK wide neck, and found AVENT to be the best, you get an even air flow, and don't have to worry about the teat collapsing and wind. they cost a little bit more but they are definitely worth it!!!i can't tell you how good they are.
[Edited on 12/10/2007]
I've got different ones and I have to agree that the tommee tippee closer to nature or whatever it is are great. They have less bits so you can't loose them and I've never had problems with the flow being too fast when they were newborns and they didn't leak from being wound too tight


Hi have used Pigeon peristalic bottles for my last two babies with no problems at all- not a lot of bits either- bottle, teat, ring and lid. They don't leak and come in two sizes 200ml and 300ml.

AVENt here as well, my baby s=doesnt get a good suction on the other teats and dribbles half the bottle down her neck, the chemist also recommended these for her wind, she is really hard to burp, but apparently these teats stop her sucking so much air.
I use the Tommee Tippee Closer to nature bottles as bub was a bit fussy with the bottles. I had the Avent ones but he wouldnt take those.

Same for us. Bubs struggled a bit with the Avent, but TT Closer to Nature bottles have been great for her. They are easy to clean & assemble too.
We used Avent and found them fairly good, but one of my bubs can't suck too well and just kept on choking and dribbling when using them so it took to long, we also tried Tommy Tippee and they were better, now we have NUK ones and i find them the best they were able to drink a whole bottle without one dribble or was good.
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