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Should formula be heated ? Lock Rss

Sorry if this is a dumb question but - should formula be heated ?

I'm just starting to wean bub and gave him his first bottle of formula today - he likes everything cold , won't eat his vegies until they are cold and has custard and fruit out of the fridge ! He also prefers his water cold too but I tend to make it half cold and half room temp in case of brain freeze LOL !

So when I made the bottle I just made it with room temp boiled-water and he happily drank it all ........... that's when I wondered if it should be heated .......... ???

when Heaven said there were boys ... I asked for 2

When my DH stopped breast feeding at 10 months he used to have fridge temp formula during the day and really liked it so I wouldn't heat it up if your DH doesn't like warm drinks
thanx for that smile ..... I seemed to have some idea that babes had to have their milk heated - doh !!!

when Heaven said there were boys ... I asked for 2

Some babies prefer their formula heated, but others don't seem to care.

My DD will happily drink it at different temps.

Just go with whatever bubs likes I suppose smile
Just to add to the above, the only problem with cooler water is it is harder to mix the formula. Apart from that I don't think there are any other issues, it just means you have to shake harder smile

thanx for all the replies smile ..... day 2 now and he has just had his second "room temp" bottle quite happily ......... sure will make it easy when we are out not having to heat it up !

when Heaven said there were boys ... I asked for 2

my babies rae dfficult...they decide they like theirs heated..they will drink it room temp but takes longer and more mess.
back again - just to say we are doing great ...... and have had to feed him out a few times now and so handy that he drinks it room temp ! In saying that , he is starting to prefer his vegies warm now so dinner is over faster

when Heaven said there were boys ... I asked for 2

hi there~my son got constipated when drinking formula that was made with hot water..we were told by the doc that the formula needs to be made with boiling hot water then it can be cooled down to how they like it...if its not making his tummy sore than its fine..but in my case it has to be boiled then cooled down. xoxo~god bless~xoxo


hello my-lil-blessings .....

that is an interesting point about having to make it with boiling hot water first ! Bub has had no reaction at all so I guess he is fine - do notice though as someone said you really have to shake it LOL !

when Heaven said there were boys ... I asked for 2

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