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How much does your baby drink? Lock Rss

Hi! Just wondering how much formula your baby drinks from the bottle. My little girl is 18 weeks old and up until a few days ago I exclusively breastfed her. Now we're in the process of weaning as she stopped gaining weight and was very unsettled. We currently give her 3 bottles a day (she has 6 feeds) and she only drinks a small amount (100ml or so). I have noticed though that she drinks a much bigger bottle of a night. We have also recently started solids (little bit of rice cereal of a morning). She's a very happy and contented baby now and does heaps of wees. I know it's early days yet but I'm curious to hear from other mums as to how much their little ones drink.

Kim, Qld, 9 mth girl

My son is 5 1/2 months old, he has been quite sick with servere reflux. Currently we have not had a vomit for two weeks and we are drinking 1.2 litres of milk a day thats 240 mls per feed. We are not yet interested in solids but i think that comes from the reflux. Your daughter should be drinking approx 600mls plus per day as per our clinic sister so if you are concerned contact your clinic. Calcium is supposed to be a major requirement for both bone development as well as mental so it is something that you should understand and make sure you are content with whats happening with your daughter.

Kellie QLD 2/12 and 5.5mths

My daughter will be 4 mths on the 02.02.2004 and she also drinks about 100mls per feed instead of the 150mls. I have also started her on the baby cereal and she likes that. Sometimes instead of the rice cereal i put a plasmon buiscuit in her milk and she seems to enjoy that as she finishes the bottle, that is the only time she would finish all her milk or leave just a little bit in her bottle.

Lidia, Vic, Baby Girl


My little girl Ella (almost 7months) has been a constant cause for concern with her feeding habits. She rarely finishes a bottle, a normal feed for her during the day is about 100ml, she too drinks more of an evening before bed. She's on solids now so that makes up for some of it but when she was almost 4months old i took her back to see her pediatrician for review at this stage she was drinking 70-80mls per feed every 3-4hours and not having solids. he wasnt even slightly concerned just said so long as she still has wet nappies, puts on weight and is happy then she's fine....

if your daughter likes her solids could you maybe increase that a bit to make up for what she's not drinking??


Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

Thank goodness there are other babies out there who are drinking less! My 19 week old daughter has been a constant source of anxiety for me over the past few weeks. She will only take about 100ml per feed (6 times a day), and then will decide that she just doesn't want anymore. I was getting quite concerned, as the "recommended" amount says that she should be taking about 240ml per feed. I tried to start her on some rice cereal, but she didn't take too well to that. After some very frustrated feeds, I decided to visit the clinic sister, who said that she's absolutely healthy, is putting on weight, and that she's probably "just going through a phase". So I'm hoping that the "phase" will be over soon! It does get a bit frustrating at times, but as long as they're healthy, and not losing weight, then that's all that matters.

Debbie, QLD, gorgeous daughter

My little boy will be 3 months on 27/01/04. At present he only drinks about 120 ml - 140 mls of formula in each bottle (hence I then pour the rest of the 180 mls away). He will then surprise me occasionally and guzzle the lot (180mls) and then wants more. Sometimes it is 2 hrs between feeds, sometimes 4 hrs. I have given up trying to find a pattern and just go with the flow. My eldest had reflux and was drinking suggested feeding amounts off the tin (S26 AR) pretty much from the word go. Son no. 2 is definately putting on weight and is developing fine, even with less formula. I agree with pm793 - it is frustrating, but being healthy and putting on weight is what matters. Good luck!
Hi Mums, thanks very much for your replies. It's good to know that there are other babies who worry their mums and I sympathise with you all. (Lidia - what is a plasmon biscuit??)

My little girl is still not drinking a great deal but she's having more solids now (she just loves her rice cereal). She still has 6 feeds/day but the amount she drinks can vary from 80ml - 180ml and therefore the amount she consumes each day varies. She is very healthy and happy though.. doing heaps of wees and seems to be gaining weight. The only thing I've noticed is that she seems to want to chew alot so am wondering if this decrease in feeding is related to teething??? Or perhaps I just have a small eater. Good luck to you all.

Kim, Qld, 9 mth girl

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