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How far in advance can you make formula? Lock Rss

Just wondering how long you can have formula made up for in the fridge? The tin says 12 hours but i thought i had seen 24 hours somewhere??

SO just wondering how long it can be made up for before its no good.. and if its no good how do you tell?? will it smell like off milk???
hi karen,

i only have 5 bottles so i make them up when i get 3 empty ones, you go through them quick so mine are never kept in the fridge for very long anyway. i always make sure i rotate the bottles aswell. so when i have 3 empty ones i steralise and make new ones. somedays it seems all i do is steralise and make bottles. i am not sure how you tell if it is no good, as i think it smells pretty bad when it is good IYKWIM!!!

LOL doesnt smell that good at the best of times does it!!

Harvey has just gone down to 4 bottles a day so im wondering if i an just make them all at once, so its one less thing i have to do each day, but making them at night would be easiest for me. So say if i make them at 9pm he would drink the last one at about 630pm the next day, do you think this would be ok??
i would like to know this also. I use Nestle Nan and let me tell you there is nothing worse then having a hungry crying baby while trying to scoop SEVEN scoops of formula into a bottle. feels like it takes forever
My formula tin say 24 hrs, when ashleigh was newborn i used to make them up so when i got up during the nigth i just had to heat them up but now i just make them 1 at a time unless im going out. but yeh 24hrs. hope u get things worked out.
when we were using formula I'm pretty sure the tin (s26) said 24 hours - but we only ever made it up as we needed it - I just wasn't comfy with having it sit that long in the fridge.
hmmm cos my chn told me to make them up in advance. What i read from the tin and what i read in articles are two different things.

I just wasn't sure how long you could keep them, i always thought it was 12 hours in the fridge. A few hours at room temperature
Rather then making the botles up with fomula iput the water in the bottles and either store in fridge or cupboard. I have a container for formula that is in 3 sections i always fill this up and when time for a botle heat the water and aleady have pre messured formula and just have to tip it in. found it handy when feeding during the night. great for making bottles when out and about also. you buy the container at super markets in baby section.

i''''m baking a baby

well now its getting confusing....... LOL

Well ive decided to try it for tomorrow to see how it goes, just made all the bottles and we will see what they are like as the day goes on tomorrow.
My son currently drinks 4 bottles a day so at night after he goes to sleep i sterilise the bottles, make them up, put them in the fridge & warm them up when he needs 1. They are good for 24 hours, ive been doing this for 10 months and havent had a problem.

DS1 2006 - DS2 2008

My DD is on 3 bottles a day so I make up 2 just before I go to bed for morning and lunchtime and then I make her bedtime bottle while Im getting her dinner ready. I just feel better doing her bedtime one then rather than the night before so its not in the fridge for too long.
Hi, i was told to prepare formula as needed. What i do is after the bottles are rinsed of a night (i do them the night before) i just pour the amount of boiled water into the bottle and store in the fridge till needed and then microwave for 30 secs, scoop formula in and shake then its right to go!!

(this is also what i was taught to do at the royal childrens hosp)
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