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When 2 stop breastfeeding Lock Rss

Hi guys I am currently breastfeeding my very healthy 7 month old daughter (she weighs almost 10.5 kilos) and was wondering what ur opinions are on when to start weaning. I think I would like 2 start weaning at about 9 months but feel guilty as she still enjoys the breast and is doing so well on it. What do u think?

Amanda 2yr and 7mth

Hi there, I am still breastfeeding my 8 month old daughter who is 8kg. I plan to breastfeed for at least a year, maybe more. She loves it and I enjoy it too so I don't see why we should stop. If you and your daughter enjoy it why wean now?

Although I want to carry on breastfeeding after my daughter is 12 months, I do worry and hope that it doesn't become a habit for her. Anyone out there have some advice on that?

Rachel, 20mth girl + 1 on the way


You may change your mind about how long you wish to breastfeed once your little girl gets too many teeth - ouch!

I had all intentions to breastfeed my first girl until she was 12 months old but had to gradually wean as she had 2 top and 2 bottom teeth by 10 months and liked to chomp down, and that's not pleasant. She's now 3 years old. I'm currently breastfeeding my 9 month old who thankfully only has 2 bottom teeth at this stage.

My 9 month old has actually started weaning herself, by not being as interested in breastfeeding over the past week, so I've introduced a bottle (formula) for 2 of her feeds and she seems to be happy enough at the moment. I also intended to feed her until 12 months of age, but it seems as though she'll be weaned by 10, maybe 11 months.

Don't worry about how long your child does or doesn't breastfeed, as long as you and your little are still enjoying it - keep going. Likewise, if you feel you'd like to stop or feel your baby is no longer interested - it doesn't matter. Who can tell which babies are breastfed and which are bottlefed? As long as your baby is still thriving, that's all that matters.

Good luck whatever you decide it's the right decision for you.

Mum of 2 girls - 18/11/00 & 04/04/03

mum-2 girls, 9mths & 3y.o.

Hi to all,
I have 3 kids, and breastfed them all. My 1st son at age 7 months was drinking everything I had and still wanted more. After trying him on several (about 6) different formulas, he decided he liked watered down cows milk only. (50%milk, 50%water). I also added pentavite vitamins (from the chemists) to make sure he got the iron and other vitamins that cows milk lack. He is 10.5 years old now and perfectly healthy.
My daughter, at 7.5 months kept biting and drawing blood, so I weaned her. She went straight onto watered down cows milk and pentavite vitamins to. She is 8 years old now and perfectly healthy also.
My baby boy, who is 8.5 months old, is being breastfed and having watered down cows milk. He has decided in the last month, that he wants more then I can offer, so I feed him first up in the morning, then he has 280mls of cows milk. He has another 280mls cows milk at lunch, 200-250mls at dinner, then I feed him again myself just before bed time. I will continue this for as long as he wants it, but will stop at 15 months of age at the latest.
As long as you feed your baby at meal times, and not allow them to grab at the breast anytime they feel like it, you won't have a problem. They will associate the breast with mealtimes, and that will be the only time. Good luck. Do what you feel is right for you and your baby, and don't worry about what anyone else thinks or says.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi Amanda,

My little girl is 6 months and I have already weaned her off the breast. I had to have another operation not so long ago and was not sure how long I would be in hospital, so I made the decision to wean her off. I too felt very guilty about it but now that she is on the bottle, she is none the wiser and a very happy little vegemite. I must admit sometimes I do miss that bond but when I get that cheeky grin whilst she is bottle feeding, I just couldn't be happier. It is a very personal decision and I think only you can decide what is best for you and your baby. Whether a baby is bottle fed or breast fed is not really most important but whether you have a happy baby is putting on weight, well then thats all that matters.

All the best
p.s I did read somewhere that there isn't as much nutrients in the breast milk after 6 months. It is still benefinicial for bubs but not as nutritional.

Cherie, Melbourne, 6 month baby girl 06/03.

Hi there,

I breast my baby until he was 11 months old. I gradually began to wean him around 10 months onto cows milk in a bottle. i was worried that he would'nt like a bottle because i think he would have taken the breast forever!! He also had'nt had a bottle before so it was a little difficult. My mum was good because she helped me. Now he only has 125ml of cows milk morning and before bed and he is thriving ok (14months old now) Don't feel guilty about weaning her because its when the time is right for you also. Just cut out each feed one at a time, eg: lunch, tea, breakfast and keep the bedtime one (or middle of the night if your unlucky) until last.

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