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Should I stop b/'ing before we ttc? Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

My DD is 19 months and DH and I are planning to start ttc next month (yay!). DD is still having 3 breastfeeds a day, and I've been trying for months to get her to drink a bit of cow's milk so I can start reducing the b/f's, but she refuses to drink it, no matter what I do to it to make it tempting, so we're a bit stuck.

I don't think I'll have any trouble conceiving while b/f'ing as I've had regular periods since Nina was about 3 months old, but I'm a bit concerned about the demand on my body of feeding a toddler and growing a baby, and I know I definitely don't want to tandem feed Nina and the baby - that's great if you want to do it, but I know it's not for me.

So basically I'm really confused about it all - wondering if I should just refuse to give her the midday feed and see what happens, or keep being soft on her and keep crossing my fingers she'll drink some cow's milk ... and we don't want to put off ttc any longer as we're both as clucky as little fluffy hens! Any suggestions or stories would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! smile

This new forum is strange ...

Have you tried giving Nina any of the follow-on formulas for children over 12months?
Maybe she will take to them better than cows milk? I have no experience with this, but thougt I'd add this suggestion.

Each to there own, but i would start introducing a sippy cup for the breast feeds. Just normal cows milk or a follow on formula. Its not necisary for her to have breast milk any more. And the demand on your body to still be breastfeeding while pregnant - eekk... i couldnt think of anything worse! (own opinion, ive just had my 2nd and couldnt have done it) I also think your prolonging the enevidable by holding continuing. Eventually youll be pregnant and the situation will be worse because you will be all hormonal and not want to stop but at the same time thinking : what am i doing. It could also cause problems for when bubby number 2 comes along because she remembers the boobs being hers! she will have enough issues giving up toys (like my son has just gone through) let alone giving up the boobs.
Goodluck with it,
x -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi Nina's Mum,
May I start by saying it's great to hear you are still feeding at 19 months smile.

I was still breastfeeding Kellie (my first) when my hubby and I decided to start trying for number two, even though I wasn't ready to give up feeding her. We tried for eight months before finally falling preggers with number two (Shaun).

Even when I fell pregnant with Shaun I still wasn't ready to give up that special bond only my daughter and I could share. I knew that I should have been weaning her but just couldn't at the time (she was having it when ever she felt like it). At 30 weeks my doctor put me on blood pressure tablets and I found out that they went through my milk, so I sat number one down and explained to her that Mummy had to take medicine and that the doctor said that she (Kellie) couldn't have any more Mummy milk because it would make her sick. From that day on she never worried about it again. She was 2 and 5 months when she gave up booby.

I had Shaun at 36 weeks. When he was born she watched me feed Shaun but I also made sure that when I was feeding him I had her snuggled up to me too, which I think helped a heap.

She has asked a few times for booby after Shaun was born, so because I had some expressed I gave her some of that, the first time she said yummy, but the second she said it was yucky and tipped it down the sink.

I don't remember feeling any worse off for feeding her while pregnant, and she seemed to understand when the time came to stop having boob.

Also as a suggestion maybe if you haven't tried this, start introducing cows milk slowly by expressing breast milk and mixing it with cows milk. Maybe start off with 80-90% breast milk and 10% cows milk for a week or so and then over maybe a few months increase the cows and decrease the breast milk. Also try heating the milk up to about body temp, cause that's what she'd be used to drinking milk at.

Sorry it's sooooo long but I hope it helps a little.
Good Luck,

Strangest thing for me. Recently I fell pregnant with my second child and my 11 month old just decided he didn't want to breast feed anymore. I still express one bottle a day just to keep my milk up in case he changes his mind. I offer him everyday but he doesn't want it.Other than that he has cows milk.
I have a friend that is a mid wife and she said sometimes the milk dries up a bit all on its own when you become pregnant. Maybe thats why he weaned himself.
Breastfeeding throughout pregnancy and after is perfectly safe and perfectly normal if that is what YOU and your baby chose to do.

I recently gave birth to my 2nd and my first continued to feed up until I was 6months pregnant, we only stopped because he weaned HIMSELF. Some babies chose to wean some continue to feed as though nothing was different when you fall pregnant. Apparently the flavour of the milk changes and some women have issues with supply (which I think was our case) which prompt the baby to wean. There is NO extra strain on your body or risk to the new baby as some would have you believe.

An excellent resourse you should look at is "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" By Hiliary Flower. This is an awesome book available through Mothers Direct (ABA) who also sell a pamphlet called "Breastfeeding through pregnancy and beyond" for around $5. The ABA web site is also chockers full of info on this subject so you can make an informed choice.

Personally I was devistated that DS chose to wean. I REALLY wanted to tandem nurse. He has had a couple of feeds since DD arrived but nothing regular.

Good luck.


Logan 03/05/05 Lily 06/11/06

hi nina's mum, im durrently 27 weeks preggas with #2 and stil bfeeding ds(15 months) 3-4 times a day. i dont find it any more draining then b4 i was preggas. of course it harder this time as your chasing a toddler around but aslong as you keep up your nutrition youl be fine! and the bf means you get to put your feet up atleast 3 times a day!!! good excuse for a rest!!!

congratultions on continuing to bf for this long!!! i plan to let ds self wean, so i think we will be tandem feeding come july!

all the best with ttc.

Belinda, Qld, aiden 26.01.06', brock 19/07/07

Hi I never had this problem but a friend of mine was told that if she fell pregnant her baby (then 14 months) would wean himself. This happened for her. Must be change in hormone. Has anyone else heard of this???

OOh just read that above after I wrote this so maybe it might work for you Good Luck
[Edited on 21/04/2007]
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