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S-26 Formula prices in Victoria Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
Today I went to by some S-26 gold tins for my 5 month old twins and found that the prices had gone up nearly $3 a tin since about 5 weeks ago. I nearly died! So the reason for this discussion is to see what sort of prices you guys out there are paying per tin and where from. There must be someone who is willing to offer us a good deal out there.
I look forward to your feedback.

Rebecca, VIC 4mth old twins

Hi figjam. We found in QLD it is cheaper to buy formula in the major chemists. I used to buy 4 to 5 tins at a time if I had to travel to save more money on the extra travel. I found coles was the dearest place to buy formula which is strange when they have a baby club. I only had one baby and he was on reflux formula from 6 weeks old until he turned 1. We kept all the receipts and we paid $720.77 for the year of formula and that was with shopping around for the best prices.
Hi Janeen,
It all adds up doesn't it. I have found the chemists to be cheaper than the supermarkets too, but still it is so expensive (expecially buying double the amount). We have a garage full of empty tins, maybe one day we can use them for something! ha
Thanks for replying.

Rebecca, VIC 4mth old twins

Hi there, do you know of any one thats in the multibirth club over as if you do Baby Target was giving a 12% DISCOUNT TO MEMBERS of that club as I knew as I was a member when I lived there and use to go near there all the time and always stopped to buy a box full with the discount I got, but thats if they still do it. In Adelaide the price ranges for S26 $19.05 to $21.00 and some times it pays to shop around.
kmart has it for about $16.00 s26 in brisbane and coles it about 20.00

[email protected] plainland qld

Hi Figjam,
In regard to those empty formula tins - My son has a row of them on his desk in his room (he's eight) and puts his homework and art supplies in them. I have covered them in felt or fabric with pva glue and he loves them. I am now considering doing some for my daughter's hairbands and things. You could use them for baby socks, booties or even all the sample product packets you seem to accumulate with babies! My friend has spraypainted some silver for her daughter's room and they look so good that she was able to give them away to all her friends for their kids. I also recently spraypainted one and put some home-made playdough, playdough toys and a small rolling pin as a birthday gift for a friends little daughter. The spraypainted tin looked really groovy wrapped like a gift and it sealed tight enough for the playdough to stay fresh. Just a few ideas for those built-up tins!!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

hi i used the s-26 gold for my daughter. prices were between $20 for the under 6 months and the over was $24 a tin. i live in a small town of about 2500 people so the supermarket can charge what they want to. but the chemist was ALWAYS more expensive for tins of the formula.

South Australia, 18 month old daughter EILISH

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

Hi there. Yes S26 gold is pricey but it has the added nucleotides and lcp's for healthy brain development so I dont mind to pay the high price which is a rip off compared to other brands. I pay $17.95 per tin at Mitcham pharmacy. Thats the cheapest I have seen so far. If anyone has seen cheaper I would like to know.

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

Hi, I used to use S26 gold too until 2 GPs and a paediatrition told me that LCP's had no real benefit after about 4 Months of age and were just a marketing ploy because they know mothers(and fathers) will pay the extra money. Also if you compare the nutritional information charts on the different brands of formula available, you'll see that they all contain the same nutrients in roughly the same amounts so why pay more than you need to. I now use the Heinz Follow on formula which also has added nucleotides and only costs $10-$11 and if you really want the LCP's Heinz have a gold formula which costs about $16 (although can be hard to find). Once they are old enough to have it, adding fish to their solid diet will also give them LCP's.

Happy parenting, Tigress
Thanks for the tip Tigress! How did your baby cope with the changeover of brands. I once tried Karicare Gold but it seemed a bit thin and my baby cried all day, so Im a bit scared to change . S26 gold sometimes gives my baby a stomach ache because he sometimes cant fart so he starts screaming and because he is trying to fart!

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

Hi jz, My son Damon had no obvious problems changing to Heinz, mind you it was his transition on to follow on formula as well, so regardless of brand he was due for a change. Damon had problems getting wind out from either end for the first 6 months, I think most babies do until their digestive system matures, although I have heard that the gold formulas can be a bit harder for them to digest.
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