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Top ups, weaning or perserverance? Lock Rss

After a rough start to breastfeeding I was finally feeling happy and under control solely breastfeeding my nearly 5 month old daughter Renee until my husband and mother-in-law started offering "advise" on what to do after a bad weekend where Renee wouldn't settle and just kept crying no matter what I did. They think I should be giving Renee top ups of formula because they don't think I am giving her enough. My mother-in-law hates to hear babies crying but I have found that Renee needs to be left and she will usually settle herself. I hate to hear her crying as well, but I just can't hold her all day everyday just so she will sleep. I thought Renee and I were doing fine but have found myself doubting my mothering skills after things came to a head on Sunday. How do I know if my baby is still getting enough or if I should be offering her top ups? I wanted to breastfeed until 6 months and then start weaning but don't know if I can take my well meaning husbands insistance much longer. He wants to help me and thinks he is but it is just confusing and upsetting me more which is probably why Renee is unhappy. Has anyone been in a similar situation? What did you do?
Hi Deboroh. I only breast feed until kayla was 3 months only cause she wasnt getting enough, kayla is 9 montha now. Around 5 months Kayla became hard to settle i didnt know what was wrong. I started kayla on food & alittle bit of water. kayla started settling. Give this a go. Even express some milk put a little rice ceral in it as well. If you want to keep breast feeding keep going, try a few things. Rennee could be just have bad week, Renee gums might even be sore. kayla was like that wanted to be cuddled. you r mum and you r doing a good job we all have hard times dont doubt yourself. the people who care the most try to help but some time they just dont know what to do or say. Just tell them what you want. hope i have help. bye all th best korina


My daughter is 7 months and I am still breastfeeding her - along with her having 3 solid meals a day. She would have times when she would cry and fuss but she was continuing to put on weight so I didn't think milk supply was the problem. If you start to give your daughter formula top ups your milk supply may begin to dwindle so I wouldn't do that. Perhaps you might think about starting solids if hunger may be the problem. I think it is a better alternative to formula. Good luck with your decision!
I have the same problem, a pressure to continue breastfeeding but my son (also 5 months) wakes every 2 hours at the moment and ive had enough. I started him on solids and it hasnt really helped much. I would like advise too. sad
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