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Spewy Baby Lock Rss

I recently (Approx 4 weeks ago) had to switch my son to Formula from brestfeeding. He enjoys his bottle and I feel feeds quite well. However he became a little spewy after feeds. Initially I noticed that this seemed to be if he didn't stay still in the first hour after a feed.
Recently it seems to be getting worse. He brings up more now and even if I manage to keep him still for a while after the feed. He is not distressed by bringing up and at times it is just watery with a few specks of milk in it.
Am I worrying over nothing and is he just a spewy baby or could there be more to it? Does anyone have any suggections?

Annette, Matthew 4mths

hi well i have the same problem my daughter is 5.5 mths old now and she spews constantly at first i thought it might of been reflux so i changed her formula to reflux formula but it didnt change anything it just made her get wind she is just a spewy baby i cant take her anywhere without her spewing all u can really do is put up with it and have lots of bibs on standby does he cry as if in pain when spewing? my daughter also spews watery stuff with milk specks in it she spews all kinds of stuff up anyway good luck.
My little boy who is now 6 months old has really bad reflux and we have been through the whole breast refusal thing and at 13 weeks we also discovered that he has a high palate and that has made bottle feeding difficult for him also. We put his feeding problems down to this but I have only just been told that Microwave heating the formula, changes the molecular structure of the milk into a form that some babies find difficult to digest. We have started heating our bottles the old fashioned way and after three days, we have seen a difference. I was also interested to note that while I was in Tresillian, where they don't let you heat the bottles in the microwave, my baby was an angel. I couldn't work out why because nothing else was different to what I do at home. Now that I have this new info, I can put 2 and 2 together and I am sure it was because his bottles were not heated in the microwave. You might want to give it a try. Some babies are just spewy and if he is not distressed and he is still putting on weight, then it should be okay.
It might help you to keep a little bottle ( I use an old camera film case) in your bag with a little bicarb soda in it. When your baby vomits on you, you put a dusting of soda over the top of it and when it is dry, dust it off and you get rid of the smell!
I had to laugh when I read you note about spewy baby, it is exactly my 5 month daughter. She was always a spiller, but I changed from breast to formula at 3 months, and it got worse. I thought I was doing something wrong with the formula or bottles and was so upset because she just chucked ALL the time. I took her to both health clinic and to her doctor, and they told me, if it doesn't bother them then the technical name for it is "a happy chucker". I was so relieved, coz i thought I was in the wrong. They grow out of it, or so they tell me, until then its taking a change of clothes for her and me everwhere we go.

Lisa, SA, baby girl (4.5.03)

My baby girl is the same, and started all this at about 1 month old (i had her changed to the bottle at 2 weeks old).

They said she may have a small case of reflux, but her weight gain is fine so not to worry.

She spews up clear fluid all day the poor darlin' and it upsets her at times, but hopefully she'll grow out of it, and the same for your son.

I hope all gets better for you!!!!
I am so happy to see that other parents are going through what I have been going through. Ayden is the ONLY child in Mother's Group that is spewy. I also thought it was a problem, but as time went on, I just had to settle on the fact that he is just a spitty baby. He has a bib on CONSTANTLY and laundry is done daily. As he has started crawling, the spews have become less frequent, but are still present. He is a "happy chucker", and by the sounds of it, so is your little one. Breastmilk, formula, or solids, it doesn't matter, it all comes back up.
All I can say is hang in there, as long as there is healthy weight gain and they are well, then you just have to carry spare clothes for your baby and yourself!!

Amy, 10 1/2 month boy, WA

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