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I am trying to decide whether or not to change to a follow-on forumula or not. I have been told that if you feel your baby is doing well on the starter formula then it isn't necessary to change.

So what are the benefits of Follow-on?

I would love to hear anyone's experience or knowledge of these formulas so that I can make up my mind. Thanks

Sandi, NSW, 6mth baby girl

hi:) i'm in the same dilemma as u, i'm not sure weather to keep my daughter on her regular formula, or try follow-on milk, she seems ok now, but i just wonder if there are any benefits putting them on to follow-on milk, is ur baby satisfied with the milk he/ she is on? i'm gonna do sum research, if i find anything out, i will be sure to let u know.......lorraine.
I found out the other day that follow-on formula isn't necessary and was told that if you look at the ingredients list they are almost exactly the same as the formula that you give from birth.

The big difference - apparently - is that formula from birth has more iron in it than follow-on.

This is the info I have on it - it was just stuff I was told at a nutrition information session.

Hannah (3 yrs) and Harry's (born 22/7) Mum! QLD

Hi, I also found out myself the other day that follow-on formula is not necessary. I thought it was, so I changed (cow milk based) and it gave my little boy (7 months) the runs. I have stopped and spoke to a dietician at the Childrens hospital who said it was fine to continue with the first formula I was using (whey based). It would be handy if they told you this. I only use formula at night as a top up to the breast feeding so I hate to think what it would have done to my baby if I gave him only formula for a few days!

Jo mum of 3

I've been having the same dilemma. I do have a few facts:
You can use a starter formula up to age of 12 months. After that you should try and wean them onto follow-on or cow's milk. The main difference is that the follow-on/progress formula will have MORE iron. Babies are born with enough iron for approx. 6 months, hence don't need as much in a starter (1) formula. Once they hit 6 months, you need to provide more iron in their diet. Some nurses think that u should try to give extra iron-rich foods if still using a starter formula after the age of 6 months. Also u can get the progress formula's with the added nucleotides and amino acids, which are known to enhance brain development, but whether adding them to the milk makes much difference...

I have this dilemma b/c due being an allergy prone family, our immunologist has said to use NAN HA (1) which is the only hypoallergenic (HA) formula that i can find on the market, but it only comes in a starter formula. And I was looking to move grace onto a progress formula due to the 'iron' reason. I started using a progress formula, but when i told the dr he didn't look happy and said the starter was fine til 12 months and can help prevent allergies forming so ... who am i to argue!

i would say keep using the one you and child are happy with, and if you are providing a good balanced diet with red meat (or iron-alternative) then your baby will be fine.

girl born jan 2003

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