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Any tips to get b/f baby to take a bottle. Lock Rss

My DD is nearly 8 months old and refusing to take a bottle. I've been trying for the past 3 months ,I've tried all the suggestions I could find on the net, but no luck so far. She took a bottle fine up to 4 months old (she would have 1 every few weeks) but now nothing. It's like she's forgot what to do with the teat, she pushes it to the side of her mouth and chews it. Any suggestion on what worked for you & bub?
Sorry, none. My 2 were the same, they were exclusively BF so refused a bottle.

I have friends that have said getting someone else besides mum giving the bottle can be helpful...
Nothing worked for one of my twins to take a bottle, they had both had to switch to formula at 2 weeks old for about 2 weeks while I was on steroid cream and antibiotics which I couldnt avoid but I reestablished bf and when I returned to work 2 days a week when he was 8 months old I needed him to take a bottle. He refused formula and bottles, but would take about 60-80ml of expressed milk with a straw cup on a good day, sometimes it was less but he was a good eater and he made up for it when we got home. We tried for a couple of months before I returned and he wouldnt take it for anyone.
My kids had no problem with taking the bottle because they were famished (not literally but in their mind) because my milk production had already started slowing down. So in relation to your Question, you could maybe hold of on her feed for half an hour or so till she really is hungry and then see if she will take it?
I am having this issue with my third. I am just using a zippy cup and he is talking it that way in a pinch but won't take much as he knows the breast is close by. Lol
I got my son used to a bottle very early on as to avoid this problem, but he did have an issue with some teats- i just tried different ones until i found one he liked, also making sure the teat was warm when putting it to his lips helped a lot- and holding him close to my skin. Medela medium flow is his fav- he would drink one day a week from the bottle when my mum watched him no problems.
We skipped the bottle and introduced milk in a sippy cup, it took a few days for him to get used to it, but then he realised it was that or nothing and he was sweet. I think from memory we used it for the first thing in the morning feed to start with.

Try different brand bottles as my youngest liked only 1 particular type (MUM) and nothing else; he drinks expressed mild but not formula little monkey. I also tried to do 50/50 mix of formula & breast milk to help him get used to it and only slowly working gasp( Will try sippy cup though gasp)
Good luck wink
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