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24wk old still feeding every 2hrs Lock Rss

Hi.My 24wk old is still feeding every 2hrs during the day.At night he can do 4hrs stretch sometimes all depending on how the day was or how he feels.He was breastfed since birth but my milk supply went really low at 4mnths because of me being ill.Since this happened we had to give him formula because he was getting frustrated when my letdown took ages.I still nurse him at night coz he is settled and not so fussy on the breasts.But during the day I have to give him formula ..only after trying to nurse him without any drama. He takes anything from 100mls to 150mls and nothing more than this from the bottle. I also pump and give him breastmilk in bottle whenever I can.When the lactation consultant came to see us she looked at me like Im crazy when I told her that he still wants to be fed every 2hrs.She said that this was not a schedule at all.Im working on getting my supply back as adviced by the LC. I need adbice from all you wonderful mums..Am I wrong by feeding him every 2hrs during the day?Has anyone gone through this with their baby?
Thanks for your reply.I did not want to give him formula but I had to because he started having less wet nappies and since it was really hot here in Auckland, I knew I had to give him something . tried to give water but he hates it.
Just wondered if your bub is trying some family foods/solids? I had trouble with exclusive breastfeeding my 1st Bub and was feeding 2hrly as I wanted to increase my supply, I was expressing and also doing some formula as last resort. Once Bub was 5 and a half months and started solids she was taking less milk overall and I was able to almost eliminate the formula.
In Australia we have 'the Australian breastfeeding association' is there the equivalent of in N Z? If not you could check them out online.
Wow I don't know how you can do it, every 2hrs seems quite often for his age now.
Maybe he is using the bottle as a comforter? At his age i think introducing some solids would be good and hopefully can stretch out his feed and give you some rest.
I think this can make him dependent and needy, so yes you should try to make him eat some other baby food.
Hi everyone
Thanks for your replies.We are now on a 3hr bottle schedule. .he only takes 100ml to 150ml plus 3 solid feeds.So we are quite happy with it now.
However he Has been waking up alot at night now..sigh
She said that this was not a schedule at all.Im working on

If he's okay with 2 hr schedule that's fine, but I think you should introduce the solid food by now. Veggies and meat will make him full and space out those meals.
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