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Bottle Feeding and Teething.. Help!!!! Lock Rss

I think bubs is getting her 2nd tooth. When she got her first a couple of weeks ago she would cry through the bottle and only drink approx half of it.

She woke at 9pm last night miserable and almost inconsolable and today has only drunk 200ml at 7.30am, 30mls at 11am and wont let me put a bottle anywhere near her mouth at all!

I have tried Bonjella and Panadol. She wont be 6mths old until 3rd May so I am limited to what I should give her.

Any suggestions PLEASE!!!

She is a healthy 8kgs so I am not so worried weight wise at this early stage, but hunger and dehydration
Hi darkandstormy
I found that a face washer that had been wet with cold water helped my ds when he was teething. He woud suck one corner of the washer not only getting relief for his gums but gettting a cool drink of water aswell.
good luck

Rachel, QLD mum of Zaki 21 months

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