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Bottle or cup? Formula or milk? Lock Rss

My 8 month old daughter will be starting daycare in the middle of May as I will be returning to work (unfortunately). We have tried her on a bottle a couple of times and she is not interested at all and gets quite upset. So, would appreciate some advice. She will be 9 months when she starts - should I try a cup (if so, which one) or should I persevere with the bottle. I have bought the NAN formula. How have people found it or is there another I should try? Is she too young for cows milk - I think so.

tina f

hi there.i think 9mths is a little early 4 cows milk but its entirely up to u and wot works 4 u.c how u go with the formula and if not maybe spk to the clinic nurse.i had ds on nan its a great formula it really is unfortunatly 4 us a few mths bak they took it off the shelves 4 a while so i changed to karicare a nd ds woz fine with that 2.
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