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Intoducing milk Lock Rss

I have a 7 1/2 month old daughter and I was wondering when do I introduce cows milk and does it have to be full cream??

kylie wa, 7mnth baby 20 wks pregnant

Usually you introduce cows milk to drink when they are 12mths old and you gradually do this with either a 1/2 mix of milk and water or 1/2 mix of formula or water and slowly add more milk as the days go on. You can use cows milk sooner in their cereal but to drink they recommend you wait till 12mths old.

Hi snookbaboo,
My daughter is 12 mths and has been having cows fat milk since 11 months. It has taken a mixture of milk & formula and then milk and water for her to get use to it but now it is full milk.However i was actually only speaking to a friend about this her daughter is 8 mths and asked her gp and he said not before 12mths as it can cause bleeding internally (severe cases) but also there is not enough iron in fat milk for a younger baby then 12 mths.I found my milk bill went from 3lts a fortnight to 15lts a fortnight with 3 bottles a day.Good luck and i hope this helps.
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