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Formula must be used within four weeks? Lock Rss

Just wonder if formula indeed must be used within four weeks once the can is opened? I bought a tin of S26 Gold but only use it for mixing the rice cereal, because i still breadfeed DS. What if I continue to use it for two months? What is the reason for this "four weeks"?
I dont know why they only give you 4wks to use such a large amount. Such a waste!

I had to use formula a couple of times for Abby, then I went back to breast milk. My community nurse & doctor told me I had to get rid of it after 4wks also.

No one has ever said why!


I read on this forum once that the 4 week time frame is due to the contents of the tin being exposed to germs and bacteria in the air every time it is opened ( after the air tight seal has been removed ) Maybe?? The freezing idea sounds good, you could freeze the formula in ice cube trays if you only need a small amount or the single sachets make about 240mls of formula and cost about $1 per packet smile

lucky for you guys...a tin of formula lasting more than 4

thats why i wish i could breastfeed, formula is so expensive and my big boy who is just 4 months goes through a tin in less than a week.

cant wait til he is off the formula.

anyways, if you cant get through a whole tin of formula in the four weeks, which would be a waste considering it costs like $20, they do have sachets like cadygirl said.
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