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When to drop to 3 feeds Lock Rss

Hi All

My DD is 8 1/2 months and currently feeds (breastfeeds) 4 times a day, 7, 11, 3 and 6:30. Her morning and evening feeds are really good but her mid morning and late afternoon feeds are pretty quick!

Just wondering when others have changed over to 3 feeds a day instead of 4.

Jacquie, Mummy to Bailey, Tijana & Kaitlyn

Hi Jacka,

My DS is now 9 1/2 mths old and I dropped down to 3 feeds about 2/3 wks ago, it was relatively fuss free, I dropped the 11am feed and now just give a snack, it usually ends up being cheese. I think you can do it anytime now or even earlier, I had a friend drop her DS from 4 to 3 feeds at 8mths.

Good luck.


mum of 2

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