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Introducing formula, HELP!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone, my little girl is just about 6 months. I am still breast feeding but have started working some nights. I express milk for dad to feed her while i am at work but on a few occassions he has run out as she snacks alot in the evening and has ended up with a very upset bubs!
We are trying to introduce formula to her so we can give a formula feed before bed (hoping this might make her sleep longer also as she is up 3-4 times every night!)
But she wont take it! She gags as soon as she tastes it! Ive tried watering it down, thinking it may be to strong for her but this didnt work either!
Has anyone got any tips on what to do?
Do some babies not like formula?

Yvonne, Sadie 31/10/05 Jorjah 08/07/07

I don't really know much about this, but have you tried a different brand maybe? Is bub having the formula from the same type of bottle she has the expressed milk??

Sam and Hayley and bub

Hi there,

We had the same problem bub just wouldnt take a bottle of formula. Every time I put the bottle anywhere near him he would scream! We knew it wasnt the actual bottle because he would take braest milk from the bottle just not formula. we kept trying and ended up throwing out a couple of full tins that became out of date becuase bub just wouldnt take it, So one night I gave him the bottle of formula as a dream feed ( while he was still asleep ) he drank the whole thing and has loved formula ever since. Maybe he was just ready for it, and I think my own milk was drying up at this stage too. I used Karicare, you can buy the sachets of this brand to try it out. I also use Avent bottles What type are you trying with???

hi sadie,
my daughter is nearly 5 months and i have just started to give her a formula bottle before bed. the reason being that she was feeding more in the day and over night so my milk supply was not really satisfying her. i give her a formula at 6 ish before bed and then if she wakes at 11 or 12 my boob is full so she gets a good feed.
i first tries s26 gold and she hated it but then tried karicare gold and shr gulped it down.
i suggest you give different brands a try but i tasted them both and karicare definately tastes mord like breast milk!!!
good luck
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