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my boobs hurt Lock Rss

my 13month old has just had a tummy bug, vomiting and dirahreah and she has been having so much titi that my boobs hurt now when she goes on, she is off food a bit so I dont mind her feeding so much but it feels like it did when I first started breastfeeding and I even had to get out the old lansinoh crem again, I hope it settles down soon, I bet I will be pretty full in the morning

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oh mummyto1,
i hope she's better soon. isn't it great to know she's able to still get plenty of fluids and nutrition from breastfeeding while she's off her food.

it sounds like all that feeding has started to hurt your nipples. good attachment sorta goes out the window once our bubs get old enough to just pop on and off themselves, but you may find it helpful to check that she is attaching well taking a good mouthful of the boob and that her body is close enough to yours while feeding so she isn't dragging on the nipple.


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Thats awful when bubs a sick and I hope she gets better soon and I think its just comforty thing for her to have you near her and it hurts when keep sucking and dont let the boost to recover from the feed before hand.

Jaye was sick for 2 weeks with whooping cough and it was awful and we all didnt sleep that good and she alway had her needles all up to date but still got whooping cough and its not fun so I know where you a coming from.

Lansinoh cream is fastanic for sore boost and does a great job.


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