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4 month old - how much Lock Rss

Just curious as to how much your 4 month old eats or was eating at that age).

Kayden has 4 x 150ml a day & this is a struggle to get into him. He can easily go 6 or 7 hours without a feed but i dont let him because otherwise he doesnt sleep through the night. The tin says he should be having 5 x 180ml but there is no way he would take that much.

I'm not concerned about it, just curious more than anything. He is a happy 6.7kgs at 4 months so he is definately having enough.
this seems ok
my bubs had 5 200ml a day but every bubs is different
have u started solids...?

Lillie....1 year old!!!

They say bubs needs 150ml per kilo of body weight. But in saying this my bubs often had less sometimes more. Depending on her needs.

I think 6.7kg is a good weight for a 4 month old and providing he is gaining not losing weight sounds like he is doing well.
My daughter at 4 mths (now 5 mths) was 4.1 kg and was eating approx the same. She had 5 feeds usually, 3 bottles of ebm of about 400 ml in total and the 10pm feed and middle of night feed by breast. So I'm only guessing at the real amount.

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Hi Shar that is a weight for him especailly for his age and all babys a different and grow differents as well my daughter Jaye is 10 months old and ever since she was born she has always been a small eater and I use to worry about it til I talk to me GP and she said dont worry about it and since than I dont worry as much.

But your little boy is doing alright and he will eat more when he gets older and move around the house.

Chat soon.

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