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Starting the bottle (Constipated!!) Lock Rss

Hi all
My little girl has been breastfed since birth (now 3 1/2 months), I tried expressing since I have returned to work but I have lost my milk supply and have had to go to formula. She started on Karicare but hated the taste, she is now on Heinz and loves the taste. The problem is that since starting (about 10 days ago) the first few days she did nice regular soft poos but has just satrted doing hard little dark green poos and really struggling to get them out. She cries and pushes and looks to be in tremedous pain, I cry when I see her trying to get them out its so bad. Can anyone suggest what formulas they have tried which are less liekly to causse constipation, and also what the difference between heinz and heinz gold is.
Thanks for any help!!
Belinda smile

Belinda, VIC, Baby Mia

hi belinda

My little one is on karicare & we have no probs with constipation.
Ive heard the NAN brand of formula is really good, and very close to breast milk, which therefor might not constipate her, but it is a little more expensive than heinz. Also u could also try giving her some water in between feeds, sometimes that also helps with constipation.
Pears r also good for constipation ( when shes a bit older of course!!)

the difference between normal and gold formulas, is usually the gold has more oils in them, i.e fish oils(good for there brain) but ive also heard that gold is more likely to constipate ( not sure how true it is or not!)

anyway i hope this does help a bit.
let me know how u go.

Hi Belinda

we use s26 gold for our daughter and she was weaned when she was about 4 month old this one seems to work really good for her but i guess every bub is different.

i did find when she changed over to formula that there was definatly a different consistancy in her poo a lot thicker and also darker green this is caused from all the iron they put into the formula but she got use to it pretty quickly.

i would also suggest trying to give her some extra water to try and make it a bit easier

they also say prune juice is good for softening the poo but she may be a little young for it so maybe double check with your gp or child health nurse first.

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my littel one got consitpated to and i used coloxyl drops. you can buy them from the chemist and put them in the bottle 3 times a day. by the first night he had normal poo again. when he has a harder motion i put them in just once and it seems to work.

Hi Mia'sa mummy,
I haven't read your replies yet but I am using the Nan gold brand as it is supposed to be easy to digest. I used Karicare for bub#1 and had the same problems. The Nan seems to be ok for #2.

We have a "Chemist Wharehouse" near where I live and it only costs $15 a tin!!! (YEY).

I feel I must add though that even now that bub #1 is 2.5 years old she still suffers from 'solid' waste. I tried fruit puree's and jellies (even prunes on her cereal - at least 4!!!) and she still suffers. This may sound scary but she can demolish half a dozen dried apricots with no after effect!!!!
So sometimes the digestive system is very individual and can be a problem with no solution. It's heart breaking when they are crying.

It helps to rub/massage their abdomen in an anti-clockwise rotation to massage the bowels. You can also help by pushing thier feet up and down (into their belly then straight out)

I hope you get some improvement (I would recommend chopping and changing the formula too much though).

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