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What is absorbed into breastmilk? Lock Rss

I was wondering if anyone knows how long foods/drinks stays in your breast milk. For example alcohol or spicy food. Is it instant or can it take hours to come out into baby and how long does it last in the milk. Hope this isnt a stupid question!!
Hi sel,
I know that alcohol stays in your breast milk like it stays in your system. I have read in different publications that if mums want to have a drink and they are breast feeding, you drink as though you are driving...1 drink per hour to stay under the limit of .05. However many lactation consultants are totally against any alcohol in your system if breast feeding. I admit I use to have the odd drink here and there through out my pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding.
All in moderation!
Sorry I don't know about spicy food.


um all i know is that coffee and tes(caffine soory) stays in your babies system for at least 3 days

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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