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breast isnt best! Lock Rss

just thought id throw this in!!!
breast isnt best because despite what society tells us breast is NORMAL, on this same thought there are no 'benefits' to breastfeeding. what happens to a breastfed baby is normal, it's intended (even the bad things). there are disadvantages to artifical feeds. so the earlier on (if ever) ABM is introduced, the higher the risks.
just wanted to add that i am in no way having a go or judging mothers who bottle feed, ive done that myself when i was left with no other option, im just venting due to lots of annoying and rude comments from people in real life as im "still" breastfeeding my dd who is only 2months and 3 weeks old!

happy feeding to all no matter how you do it!

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Hi Violet Rose. (love your kids names smile )

Good choice of topic! My DD is 3months 1 week old and i too am getting looks, nasty comments and weird looks from STRANGERS, even one lady going as far to say that my daughter is too skinny and NEEDS to be bottle fed to fatten her "anorexic" legs up!!!

My Step mum continually asks me when i am puting her on solids and she also makes a point of telling me yet ANOTHER mother who breastfeeds her baby after 6months blah blah blah. I told her i was planning on breastfeeding until either she weans herself OR until she is 2 years old (which is what the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION AND THE AUSTRALIAN BREASTFEEDING ASSOCIATION RECOMMENDS!) Stepmum leaves the room when i feed DD when i am at their house. It really is bizarre. I feel (personally) that many topics in the feeding sections on this site talk about bottle feeding and NOT breastfeeding, even though, like you said, BRESTFEEDING is NORMAL bottle ISNT!!!

I also think that many people say that they "need to bottle feed" when many of the initial problems are just a result of ESTABLISHING breastfeeding.

Each to their own. I never considered that i WOULDNT breastfeed my daughter. And dont EVER plan on putting her on formula as i dont really agree with it. So much easier to breastfeed anyway! I hate washing up so i think the whole bottle thing would drive me bonkers!

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check it out for all the answers.
How often do you feed your 2 year old - if you don't mine me asking. I feed DD twice, 7am and 7pm - both are at home, in the privacy of her own room so I am happy to continue like this. I have no real end date in mind, just figure I will keep going until the end of the year and re-assess, unles in the mean time DD doesn't want it any-more.

I have to say I'm not fond of seeing toddlers run up to their mummies going 'boob', 'drink', 'milk' (etc) and pulling their mummies tops up. I'm not sure exactly why, other than my sister fed her kids till they were 4 - it use to creep me out.

For me, I don't know that its a moral issue - just that I don't feel comforatable seeing it. I would never be rude or stupid enough to pull faces or say any-thing though. I agree, it is a natural thing and their choice - just some-thing I remove myself from if I happen to see it.

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i have 2 kids Alex is now nearly 3 and i b/fed him until he was 7 weeks old. I was then going back to work with no choice and no chance to expess, so i put him on the bottle, much to my dismay. Now he is a thriving, healthy little boy.

My sister had her boy 1 month b4 Alex and had to put him on the bottle because he was tongue tied. The nurse that was looking after me in hospital was really rude and said to me "i hope u don't do what she did, he should b breastfed"

There is too much pressure put on women to breatsfed and if u don't succeed you are classed as a bad mum.

I am lucky enough to have my daughter breastfed, she is now 5 months old. B4 i had her i was very distressed that i would have all the trouble i had with my son, he wouldn't latch on properly, i got mastitisand was very ill and had no one to help me. Everyone said he was latching fine, but he wasn't. Thankfully i knew from the first feed i gave my daughter after she was born that she was going to take to the breast without a problem.

I think as long as your baby is happy and healthy it doesn't matter what they are being fed, just as long as they ARE being fed!

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I agree with Joshy's mum "everyone is entitled to their own opinions... and everyone is entitled to choose what they think is best for their own child".

From reading this it seems like a lot of views/conflict seems to be coming from different generations I.e. from Mothers, Aunts or grandmothers. A lot of things are different from when they were having kids...a lot of things to do with babies were M-i-l was horrified to hear some women talking about their births...lots of things were not talked about so women struggled with everyday issues.

Surely it is a god- send to have a site like this where we can share our advice and help each other in better assisting us to raise happy healthy energetic matter how they eat/drink.

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i remember an episode of dr.phil(yes i love that show)
there was a debate on there and ther was this lady putting this poor breastfeeding mother down for feeding her baby in public saying it wasnt natural and it made her sick
i felt so sorry for this mother as i was brestfeeding at the time and i used to get looks and even comment especially from older women
my milk dried up and after lots of cosulants tried to help me i had no other choice but to bottle feed,and now when im out in public i get looks for bottlefeeding
oh we mummies really cant win can we
when i was brestfeeding people would say how tiny she was and now they tell me how fat she is?????
oh golly gosh

Lillie....1 year old!!!

I think as long as you're actually feeding your baby somehow then that's all that matters. Women are shunned in public for breastfeeding because they're exposing themselves and women who bottle feed are frowned upon because they 'are not giving their baby the best start in life'. I think we need to tell all those baby-feeding-critics out there to mind their own business. As long as you're baby's being fed (whether by breast, bottle or both) and that both you and your bubs are happy then that's all that matters!!! happy feeding to you all!!

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