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since solids doesnt want milk Lock Rss

bubs is 5 months and this week especially just loves food
i ALWAYS giver her bottle first then she is allowed as much solids as she likes
she has 250ml at 7am
200 ml at 11am
200ml at 2pm and
250 at 6. 30
the problem is her 11am and 2pm feed
she only want 150ml but is happy to eat lots afterwards
do you think this is ok???
she is putting on weight very well im just worried that she should be drinking more??

Lillie....1 year old!!!

hi mimmy, al long as you are not giving your baby exsesive amounts of solids this shouldnt be a problem - if she was breastfed you wouldnt know how much milk she was drinking at each feed. and you wouldnt be concerned.
hi mimmy.does ur bubba drink water?if so i think its ok as long as she gets plenty of wet nappys.i find sometimes jackson will have 3 bottles and on days like 2day he only had 350mls but he had a cup of water to.if she is teethin sometimes its easier to eat the food than suck from a bottle.(if she is formula fed)
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