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Dropping the evening or morning feed Lock Rss

After getting a third bout of mastitas, reluctantly decided to give up the breast feeding. I have a 11 week old dughter, Molly who preferred one side and always used to fight me to attach even though I knew all she wanted was milk. I have been weaning her over the last week and a half and wondered whether the next breast to drop should be the night feed before bed or the morning feed. She is on 3 bottle feeds a day at the momment and a morning and night breast. She has her last feed at about 8pm and sleeps through till about 5am. I usually top her up at night as she still seems hungry. Any suggestions?

Kate, WA

Hi Katie,

You poor thing - I feel for you. I had meningitus with my first and felt like I was going to die!! So dont beat yourself up about having to give up breast feeding!

I would say drop which ever feed is more convinient for you to drop.

If it was me, personally I would start by dropping the evening feed. As you said you wake her to top her up at night, so if you give her a bottle at night that might fill her up a bit more. Good luck with it all.

Jacquie, Mummy to Bailey, Tijana & Kaitlyn

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