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Is she getting enough milk?! Lock Rss

Hello, just a quick question to ask. Sophie appears to be only having about 120ml each milk feed which only totals around 480ml per day. For example, I breast feed her at 6am, then at 1pm after solids and 6pm before bed and then she has formula at 10pm (as it was working better than my boobies to fill her up especially on warmer days when my milk was low sad) and she only drinks 120ml of the formula out of the 200ml then I prepare. Also, she only is feeding from the left boob nowadays as she doesn't like the right at all anymore - it used to come out to fast and now I think it is too slow and she gives up!!

Anyone else wondering if their breastfed baby is still getting enough (Sophie is 7 mths next week and is also on solids but "they" recommend 800ml f milk at this age and I don't think she is having this amount).

Hope to hear from someone!
Ta smile

Sophie's Mummy

Hi Sadie how much does Sophie weighed? After you feed Sophie does she still want more food? My daughter is 10 months old today and she has breastmilk only cause she willnt take the bottle (little bugga) and she also has soilds but Jaye is only eats little amount and she is about 9.590kg and thats a great weight for her but I think it depends on your bub when they are hungry and how much they eat.

Jaye loves the left boost so I ticks her thinking that she is drinking from the left boost by laying her down like I would if she was about to hop onto the left boost and it does work most times but not always and my milk cames out slow to now.

But Sadie if you arent to sure just take Sophie to your GP and get her check out just to keep a peace of mind for you.

I hope that has help and good luck and let me know how you went.

Chat soon.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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