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Is Heinz followon formula okay? Lock Rss


I am currently using NAN 2 Formula, but I was thinking of trying the Heinz formula because it is about 1/2 the price of NAN. Is this okay and why is it so much cheaper than all the other brands?

Some advice would be appreciated.

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Hey there
My boy is 7/12 mnths an i have recently switched over from S26 because he would not drink his milk an i think he is doing really wellso far. Hes been on it 4 bout 3 wks.


I changed over from Karicare Gold to Heinz Follow Up at 6 months with no problems. I did it slowly giving 1 bottle of Heinz for a few days then 2 for a few days then changed over completly after the tin of Karicare was finished.

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Hi, i have used Heinz with both my babies, just so you know, all formula's sold in Austalia have to pass an Australian safety standard, just like prams and cots and stuff, so there's no problem about quality. I started using it as a friend told me that it was one of the few on the market that wasn't Genetically modified.Seeing as we are replacing breast milk with it i thought it was a good idea!And yeah it's half the price.


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