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Nipple Vasospasam Lock Rss

Did anyone else have this problem. I am concerned that if i have another baby it will occur again.
My baby is nearlly four months and at 10 weeks after the last attempt with medication which did not work i had to change to formula.. I would love to have BF and was wondering if it will ahppen again.

My nipples are only now feeling better

Kristine Vic.

hi, i haven;t had this but have read of some experiences on the breastfeeding associations site
check it out smile

mum of 3 girls

Hi Kridan,

My DS is 9mths old and I am still breastfeeding, however it took a long time to get it right, I have had many a Vasospasam although obviously not as bad as yours, the breastfeeding clinic I went to for all the other problems said it was bad positioning that caused them, I just applied heat, ie the heat from my hand cupping my nipple was enough to calm it. You might want to consult a lactation consultant when you get pregnant next time to discuss this with them and then get them to help with the breastfeeding attachment at the beginning.


mum of 2

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