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Not enough breast milk now :( Lock Rss

Following on from another thread a wrote a couple of days ago about my daughter preferring the left boob to the right, I now have the idea that I am not producing enough milk for her. 2 nights in a row she has woke up after midnight and has polished off 70ml of formula that I prepare, after doing the checklist of nappy, cuddle, rock to sleep - she ends up being hungry and won't go to sleep until she has food and then settles perferctly (she has never been a loud crier thankfully, just a moaner!). Tonight I have just experienced that she has woken up at 8.30 (after having being breastfed and having solids for dinner as usual) hungry and has polished off 120ml! I had the formula made up as I mix it with her solids to make them less bulky as I am still fully breastfeeding but not expressing.

So............ ladies my little girl is teething and is becoming hungry so I had a chat with the CHY Parent help line and then suggested to start weaning a feed a week. I am going to drop the 10pm feed tonight to a formula feed and not the boob. Then next week I will drop the 6pm feed and then the following the lunch feed and only breast feed her at 6am when she wakes and hopefully continue with this breastfeed for as long as I can. the reason for this decision is that I am also going back to work in July and decided to wean her then anyway.

As I sit here at 8.54pm typing this I guess I feel a little sad that I am going to give up breastfeeding but I just wanted to share that I feel I have achieved such a fantastic result breast feeding for nearly 7 months and I am going to miss it, but I think the reason I am sad is knowing that my 6.5 month old little girl is growing up and that there would have always been a day when the boobies would give her as much as she needs.

Ho hum, thank you for listening and I end this with saying congratulations to all the other wonderful mummies out there who have breastfed their children up to 6 months as it is a great achievement as some women don't manage 6 weeks.

Night night smile

Sophie's Mummy

hay there i tryed and i had too much i know i know some poor mothers dont have enough but the troubble with that was it was spraying out comming down too fast she was gaging on it and vometing it all back up i also suffered badly from depression as i did just not enjoy the expirence of it i set a goal for my slef 3mths and then go from there but after all the guilt feelings after changing to bottle i came to the realisation that i was 2 weeks shy of my goal and i just had to tell myself that i gave her the best start in life.
Good on you for lasting this long dont let the guilt beat on you your a tops mum and your girl will love you no matter what

Alison 27yr NSW - Ella 4yr, Kylan 18mths, one in t

Good for you, you've done a fantastic job. I think there is lots of positives for you by weaning now too so don't feel too sad about it. You can still have those same special cuddles when using a bottle. I give DD some cows milk before her naps from a sippy cup. She sits on my lap, lays back with her head between my boobs. I know this sounds silly, but its like feeding a little lamb. DH and I giggle about it, its really quite nice actually.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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